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Terrace, Balcony & Logia


Solar tents

Fabric blinds enchant your home with a very special atmosphere. They allow you to enjoy quiet hours as a family, as you wish, sheltered from the sun or prying eyes. Whether it's a balcony, a terrace, a veranda or the front of your house, spend a good summer sheltered from the sun. A good solar tent converts light and energy into a pleasant room temperature, both inside and outside. Our modern and trendy canvas blinds add a decorative touch to a facade thanks to a complete range including, for example, plain or patterned canvases.


  • Attractive design

  • Variety of colors

  • First choice materials

  • Custom adjustment of brightness and ventilation.

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Our pergola models include an aluminum, steel or wooden structure. it allows you to enjoy your terrace all year round and offers you a shady refuge and excellent thermal comfort, and are perfect for optimizing gardens and terraces. Our pergolas are resistant to all weather conditions. You also have the possibility of adding blinds on the front or side glazing to protect you from the wind, the sun, light rain and prying eyes. The pergolas can be customized according to the needs and the dimensions of the space available. Their design can vary from simple to more complex depending on the desired aesthetic. They can also be equipped with LED lighting for evening use. 

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We offer parasols to protect your patio or garden from the sun's rays. We have a wide variety of parasols ranging from cantilever, upright, tilting, with LED, etc. They're made from weather-resistant materials for year-round use and come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit any decor. Easy to use with a crank or remote control for quick opening and closing. 

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Exterior blinds


Slat blinds

Our models of slatted blinds are suitable for all kinds of buildings. It is the ideal solution to define according to your desire the brightness bathing your interior. You define the inclination of the slats as you wish..  They can be operated by crank and motor.


  • Attractive design

  • Variety of colors

  • First choice materials

  • Custom adjustment of brightness and ventilation.

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Roller blinds

The roller shutter blind is suitable for all types of facades. We offer rolling shutter blinds to ensure your comfort and safety. They offer an excellent compromise between sun protection, concealment, safety and optimal weather resistance. They are used to protect privacy and to improve the thermal insulation of your home. They can be manually operated or motorized and can be controlled remotely for easy adjustment of darkness and temperature

  • Adjustable brightness and ventilation

  • Absolute darkening

  • Durability and reliability

  • Security - Anti-burglary effect

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Stackable blinds

Elegant and Robust, the stacking blind ensures you a quality sleep. You get the smallest footprint with roller shutter benefits.   the blinds are installed on the outside, thus improving thermal insulation.

Variety of colors

Thermal and sound insulation

Security - Anti-burglary effect

Absolute darkening

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Hinged & sliding shutters

Traditional and elegant, our shutter models protect your joinery against bad weather and light. They are made from durable materials for long term use. Available in one or two leaves, they can be adapted to a window or French window, swinging orsliding. We offer shutters in different materials such as wood, aluminum, and various colors to adapt to all interior styles. We also offer motorized options for optimal user comfort.

  • Neat and modern aesthetics

  • weather resistant

  • Security

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We offer a wide selection of Velux window blinds that help regulate the amount of natural light entering the room, ranging from Venetian blinds, roller blinds, pleated blinds, marquees, mosquito nets to suit all decorative styles.   We offer a variety of sizes and designs to suit all needs including electric or solar options for easy opening and closing.

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Interior blinds


Venetian blinds

Classic and design, Venetian blind systems give you absolute control of light and glare, minor adjustments allow you to benefit from the right level of brightness and visibility throughout the day. Our models are suitable for all types of homes. Venetian blinds are suitable for narrow windows and glazing with a wide variety of colors. They can be manually operated or motorized.

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Roller blinds

Our roller blind models allow you to adjust the amount of light that enters a room, they can also be used to protect furniture and floors from direct sunlight. they are available in a variety of colors and patterns to suit any decorating style.

  • Variety of colors and patterns

  • Fabrics: filtering, blackout,   anti heat

  • Operating system: manual or motor

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Pleated blinds

Elegant and functional. The pleated blind allows you to preserve privacy while retaining light. regulate natural light, allow outside views and provide a decorative touch to the room. Suitable for recessed window installations on the walls. We offer pleated blinds in different materials such as fabric (blackout, filtering and transparent) and various colors to adapt to all interior styles. They can also be manually controlled or motorized,

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Vertical blinds

For all types of homes Our models of blinds with vertical strips are suitable for narrow windows and glazing. They can be raised or lowered to adjust the amount of light entering a room. Vertical blinds are often used for large windows, such as bay windows or large windows. They can be manually operated or motorized, making them easy to use for hard-to-reach windows. 

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Japanese walls


​Our model of Japanese walls to separate interior spaces.  They are used as partitions, sliding doors, or decorative elements. The Japanese walls make it possible to control the luminosity in a room, by causing the passage of natural light while protecting from direct view. They are often used to create modular separations between the different spaces. There is a variety of plain or structured fabrics with different levels of transparency, a variety of patterns and a wide choice of colors.​. Contact us now for a free quote and find out how Japanese walls can improve the aesthetics and layout of your interior.

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Roman blinds

Functional and aesthetic, our models of boat blinds are suitable for all types of homes. Suitable for narrow windows and glazing. The boat blind, forming pretty vague folds, softens both the vis-à-vis and the light. Its elegance enhances current atmospheres as well as charming interiors. Essential, it is your decorative ally in all rooms of the house. The fabrics are available in different colors and patterns. Possibility of maneuvering by chain, maneuvering rail and motor

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mosquito nets


Our models of insect screens can be installed on windows, doors, verandas and other openings to protect those inside from mosquitoes and other harmful insects. .We offer roll-up, pleated, fixed frame, or electric roll-up mosquito nets to fit all windows and doors. We use top quality materials to ensure a long life for our products. the mosquito net effectively contributes to better hygiene. find out how we can protect you from insects while preserving your view of the outdoors.

  • Protection

  • Aeration

  • Ease of use

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Motorization & Home Automation

Motorizing shutters has now become a standard for everyday comfort.

The motorization and home automation services for blinds make it possible to automatically control and manage blinds using a centralized control system, such as a mobile application or a wall control panel. Shades can be programmed to open and close at specific times, or controlled remotely. via an internet connection. This helps regulate light and heat inside the home, as well as improve safety and convenience. There are different types of motorization and home automation for awnings to meet consumer needs and preferences.

It is therefore enough to be connected to benefit from the best level of autonomy 

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motorization and home automation services.

Glazing & Mirrors

The glass design creates quality of life.

We offer you solutions for interior and exterior design. We carry out tailor-made services and ensure the installation, repair and renovation of all types of glazing. All our installations and repairs comply with current standards.

Emergency troubleshooting

Services personnalisés et sur mesure

We offer a wide range of glazing products. we are able to offer everyone solutions for any design. our services for installation 

  • Emergency repair for broken windows.

  • The repair or replacement of broken windows in a house or building.

  •  the installation of windows for shops and businesses

  • The installation of tempered glass for entrance doors, showers and partitions.

  • The creation of custom mirrors for bathrooms or dressing rooms.

  • The installation of insulating glazing system to improve thermal and sound insulation.

  • Installation of security glass for commercial buildings or homes.

  • Installation of burglar-proof glass to increase security.

  • the installation of interior canopies and verandas.

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Renovation & maintenance


Quality and professionalism are the hallmarks of our renovation service. We offer a full range of services to maintain your products in good condition and improve their functionality and aesthetics.

We offer repair services, replacement of defective parts, restoration of blinds and windows to improve the appearance. Replacement of worn or obsolete blinds and windows. Preventive maintenance to ensure proper long-term operation and compliance with current safety standards 

We guarantee a bespoke service and professional installation for every order. Do not hesitate to contact us for your renovation and maintenance projects.


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