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Exterior blinds


Slat blinds

The slat blind is suitable for all kinds of buildings. It is the ideal solution to define according to your desire the brightness bathing your interior. You define the inclination of the slats as you wish


  • Attractive design

  • Variety of colors

  • First choice materials

  • Custom adjustment of brightness and ventilation.

  • Operating system: crank or motor

Roller blinds

The roller shutter blind is suitable for all types of facades. constitutes a first rampart against burglary attempts

Adjustable brightness and ventilation

Absolute darkening

high reliability and lasting quality

Anti-burglary effect Security by push button or radio control 

Swing shutters

Practical, our swing shutters protect your joinery against bad weather and light. The wood gives them real durability over time. Available in one or two leaves, they can be adapted to a hinged or sliding window or patio door.

  • Neat and modern aesthetics

  • Optional motorization

  • weather resistant


Solar tents



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